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Low Priority Task: UFO Incursion and Alien Incident score

Discussion in 'Data' started by Istrebitel, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Istrebitel

    Istrebitel Well-Known Member Official Developer Administrator

    Aug 8, 2016
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    At this point I'm implementing score. Need to know what these two positions come from (what increases and by what amount):
    - UFO Incursions.
    - Alien Incidents
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  2. redv

    redv New Member Programmer

    Jul 18, 2014
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    I tested for Novice, Medium, Hard and Super difficult levels.

    Each incident allways counts as -30 points.

    Incursion varies based on the UFO size but only if UFO was able to retreat.
    UFO1 counts as -12 points;
    UFO2 counts as -25 points;
    UFO3 counts as -37 points;
    UFO5 counts as -62 points;
    UFO6 counts as -75 points;

    I belive that used formula is: IncursionPoints = -25 * UFOSize / 2
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  3. FilmBoy84

    FilmBoy84 Well-Known Member Official Developer Administrator Tester Researcher Designer/Artist

    Oct 9, 2017
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    Thanks for getting the right formula for Incursions @Skin36

    With regards to incidents; a fixed -30 regardless of difficulty doesn't really make sense, unless the number of incidents is increased with difficulty to compensate. This would mean that under harder difficulties more UFOs would have to spawn each week (meaning changes to the appropriate table) or craft would have to drop more aliens (meaning changes to each UFO capacity).

    Whilst vanilla behaviour should be maintained, can this portion of OpenApoc be considered for mod developers so that their own formulae can be added for incident calculation?

    A simplistic change would be having different negative values for different difficulties, but as I consider above, the ability to tie alien incident score not just to difficulty but also have an impact on UFO growth and dropped aliens would give a much greater depth to OpenApoc at higher difficulty levels and go some way to actually making the game harder (Currently you can win Apoc on any difficulty easily by just raiding hostile organisations for psiclones, if the game is modified to increase the penalties and occurrence of incidents, X-COM would struggle to keep enough agents active - as it should be IMHO)
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