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Procedural rules: Terry Greer - The Sprite Artist for X-COM Apocalypse

Discussion in 'Data' started by FilmBoy84, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Oct 9, 2017
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    Terry runs a site containing some of his work for X-COM apocalypse here:


    Whilst he states that his archives lack much of the content he created, he still has archives, so it may be worth giving him a shout for anyone interested in knowing a bit more about the tiles/graphics of apoc.

    Also some other usefull info on there such as this regarding maps

    "While some mission maps were hand crafted (especially apocalypse and the end missions of every game), many other mission maps in XCom games were made procedurally (especially in the earlier games).

    The procedural rules would:

    1. Decide on the location type (e.g. farm, port, city etc)
    2. Then, using a look-up table specific to the location type selected a look up table would let a number of small hand crafted sections be chosen at random (though rules would restrict how often each piece could be chosen).
    3. Mix together these sections (with simple rules that specified which sections could be adjacent to which other sections).
    The result was a vast number of possible layouts – for all intents and purposes near infinite, and unique to each user.

    The procedural nature of these maps made the games feel more personal to each user.

    The recent remake eschewed this approach and instead went for a large number of hand crafted maps instead, although with random starting points (which was a shame).
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