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OG BETA Observed "Cut" functions, behaviours, items and units

Discussion in 'Data' started by FilmBoy84, Oct 24, 2017.

Best Answer FilmBoy84, Nov 26, 2017
From the Al Giovetti review of the game all the way back in late 1996: "Apocalypse adds many new skills, including interrogation skill, perceptive... Go to Full Post
  1. Crowley

    Crowley Registered

    May 10, 2018
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    I remember seeing a picture in a gaming magazine back in the day where a PR person from Microprose was showing off the sculptures. I'll try to hunt down the issue and scan the picture.

    edit: I found the issue, now just to get one to a scanner. It's small, but there's sculptures of multiworm and megaspawn. Or actually plaster casts of the original sculptures, I think.
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  2. FilmBoy84

    FilmBoy84 Well-Known Member Official Developer Administrator Tester Researcher Designer/Artist

    Oct 9, 2017
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    I sent the publication an email, now it's over 28-days without a reply i feel it's safe to post without getting too much attention
    (if they contact me complaining i'll take it down)
    Here's the image of the multiworm sculpt (and megaspawn at rear) courtesy of Crowley <3
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  3. makus

    makus Designer, forum admin Administrator Designer/Artist

    Sep 24, 2014
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    This is a real rarity)
    Thank you Crowley
    also pic have really small resolution (
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    skin36 at 04.05.20 9:36 PM
    it looks like the built-in editor could create procedurally generated maps. Something remains in the editor's code. But perhaps these are only unfinished parts.
    But I do not exclude that this part is working, and it can be started somehow.

    I checked it looks like it works. But it looks like the generator is not completed to the end, it only makes relief, without buildings. To enable this: 1. Start the editor.
    2. Press "A" to enable alien tiles.
    3. Press "P". Each click will create a new map.
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